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How It Works

The Fit3D process is simplicity itself. You simply stand in place while the Fit3D analyzes your body, collecting images from different angles to form a complete image of your entire body.

Fit3D Benefits

Track Progress:

Whether your focus is increasing muscle mass or losing body fat, the Fit3D body scanner offers detailed information for different areas.

Visual Aid:

A 3D avatar is created by Fit3D, offering you a visual reference to make it easier to track your progress and see areas of improvement, as well as places that may be lagging behind.

Additional Measurements:

Measuring height and weight is easy, but Fit3D technology can provide your body fat percentage and the measurements of your waist, thighs, arms and chest.


Your Fit3D body scan offers individual accountability, allowing you to track your progress, or lack thereof, which can be a huge motivating factor. Periodically looking at your results reminds you of your individual goals and let you know that they are within reach.

Fit3D allows you to visualize your progress, right before your eyes. By undergoing regular Fit3D body scans, you can compare your current measurements to past ones, allowing you to make an accurate assessment of your progress.

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